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made by CAPO
licensed by TATRA


Model TATRA 815-7 8×8 RC 1:10 is a detailed miniature of the all-wheel driven TATRA 815-7 rough terrain truck. The model truck is made of more than 2000 parts made mostly of machined and pressed light alloy, rubber and plastic. The shape and construction is therefore as faithful to the original as possible.

The accurate chassis of the model truck with central load carrying tube with swing axles is something completely unique in the world of model cars. In practice this means a functional all-wheel drive solution with axle locks. This gives the model an off-road performance that makes it possible to overcome any obstacle, exactly as the real truck would.

Model TATRA 815-7 8×8 RC 1:10 comes pre-assembled in a special box. The kit contains the components required to build a static model of the truck to which is added a printed manual. All components are painted with the relevant shade of color. Except of interior from plastics, respectively windshield wipers and frames of roof position lights, which is need to be painted during assembling. Considering the complexity of the model, the construction kit is intended for more experienced modellers.

It is possible to order either an assembled static version of the model truck or a completely assembled and fully functional RC version.

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TATRA 815-7 8×8 is one of the best trucks for rough terrain in the world. The design and construction of TATRA vehicles benefits from years of development of its unique chassis construction with central load carrying tube and swing axles.

One of the advantages of the TATRA trucks is their construction rigidity, high useful load, amazing off-road capability, driving stability, driver comfort and a long working life even in harsh conditions.

High modularity and variability of TATRA trucks allows the brand to fulfil individual customer needs. It is possible to choose the size of the chassis, engine, drivetrain and different types of backends, beds, cargo boxes etc.

These and many other features are the reasons why many security and rescue agencies choose TATRA trucks and their experience confirms the stability and advantages of these vehicles.

Capo Technology Co. Ltd

A dynamic Chinese company established to bring new ideas into the field of design and production of RC model vehicles. The company has its own development center, production facilities equipped with state of the art machinery. With its innovatory approach Caporacing will do its best to accommodate even the most demanding requests of its customers. Since its founding, the company has become renowned in the model making industry and among the modellers from all around the world.

A well-known Czech company is one of the leading rough terrain truck manufacturers and is famous for its unique concept of chassis construction with central load carrying tube with swing axles and also for more than 160 years of experience with car manufacturing. The values and focuses on construction, high utility value and pro-customer approach.